Advance operation is Norwegian oil and gas as well as industrial trading company that were established in 2012 in Grimstad, Norway.

The main directions of Advance operation activities are providing of spare parts and Main Equipment in oil and gas in operational fields as well as key personal in all levels of activity sections (operational or supervisors) We are convinced that our given services as one point pit stop will give our clients the most needs, requirements, resources and safety.

Our company vision is to reach the clients satisfactions and guiding them to move forward to all steps of each specifics project.

The main mission of Advance operation is to reach new world markets and to establish a network for the distribution of company services through the whole world.

AO offers a wide range of services to the oil and gas companies such as:

  • Project Management
    New builds, Conversions, Re-fits, and Repairs
    Various Other Projects both On and Offshore
  • Operational Activities
    Rig and Vessel Management and Manpower Planning
  • Equipment ProcurementBased on clients request we provide the requested parts and equipment directly from main supplier word wide.

Advance Operation

  • Top Management
  • Main Technical Centre
  • Main Operations Base Centre
  • Main Administrative Centre

Branch Offices

  • Main Crewing Base Centre
  • Operations Base Centre
  • Personnel for hire (building supervision etc.)
  • Procurement

Various Locations

  • Site Office Dependent on Projects
  • Handles Local Logistics and Operations
  • Site Representative(s)